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What's your Facebook Edgerank Score?

EdgeRank is the score that Facebook gives your page in order to determine which pages to show to which people in the News Feed. 

When showing a user their News Feed, things are sorted in order of EdgeRank, not just newest status updates first.

Facebook say that EdgeRank is made of 3 things:

1. Affinity Score
How many friends do you have in common?
Did their friends like/comment/tag/share your content? – just viewing doesn't count
How recent was that action?

2. Edge Weight
Comments are worth more than likes
If you comment on photos more than normal statuses, you'll be shown more photos.
If you comment on peoples check ins more, you'll see more of them.

Facebook tailors a users News Feed to people's preferences – most people like photos, so if you want your business to be noticed - post photos!

3. Time Decay
Older stories are worth less
Users who log in more frequently have stories cycled much, much quicker
A user who logs in once a month would see the best of that month
A user who logs in once an hour would see the best of that hour

For Business Page owners who are likely to log in more frequently than most, they'll see a lower quality, but newer Facebook updates than someone who logs in once a day. That means posts will disappear for them much quicker than normal.

If you have a Business Facebook page and you want people to see your posts…

Get people to 'like' them – just like in real life - people like interacting with interesting things.

Even better, get people to comment – those pages that have a photo of a shark or something that says 'Write Shark and see what happens!' are doing that to increase their EdgeRank! - Comments are worth more in the Edgerank stakes!

The EdgeRank page supplies some examples of 'good' things to post such as:

• "Click 'like' if you're excited that we just released our iPad app."
• "Fill-in-the-blank: All I want for Christmas is ___. Our latest Christmas special is X."
• "Yes/No: I brushed my teeth last night. We just announced a new brand of toothpaste."
• "On a scale of 1-10, I think Obama is a great president. Watch this video of our CEO shaking hands with Obama."

Those all encourage people to comment/like but without them really having to do much, which will increase the Edgerank score, and therefore get the page noticed more often. It will also make people feel part of your page and feel involved which is a good thing. Nobody likes to be 'talked at', they like to feel involved in the conversation.

Focal Strategy run 1:1 Social Media Courses, if you are interested drop us a line or call Sue 02380 844982.

An example of a successful Social Media campaign run by us can be seen on yay retro!'s Facebook page here, this page has been running since August, and ties in with the yay retro! website which we designed.  yay retro! are only using social media to promote their business and are making regular sales online.

Advertising your business online...

There are many companies (and even Barclays bank!) now offering online marketing clinics to businesses wanting to promote their products and services online. Coming from a very strong background in Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing Focal Strategy Website Design are very well placed to give our clients help and advice on how to present and market their business using their website, and across all social media platforms.

We always take time to listen to our customers in order to understand their business and what they are aiming to achieve with their website and online marketing.  

Our services include Website Design, on page Search Engine Optimisation, Branding, Logo Design, Copywriting, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) Training and Support, and Blog writing. We can also work with you to develop your Business Strategy and Marketing plans, as well as conducting in depth reviews of your website performance and SEO strategies.

If you are looking to promote your business online and need help, advice and support, then Focal Strategy are the perfect website designers for you!
Give us a call on 02380 844982 or email us, we are based in Hythe, near Southampton, Hampshire and work with businesses across the UK.

Blogs increase enquiries for local business!

Focal Strategy have always advocated keeping your blog updated with news to improve website interactions, create and retain customer interest, and assist with search engine optimisation. This week we have had several of our website clients contact us to say that their blog has noticeably increased the number of new business enquiries they are receiving which is fantastic news.

Writing a blog to promote your business online is a great way to grow your business and complement your offline marketing strategies.  It can also be fun (well we think so!)  

If you can't find the time to keep your blog up to date, or don't find it as fun to do as we do, we offer a blog writing service:

  • We will contact you once a month or once a week to gather information
  • We will research & copy write each blog post and include a variety of keywords and search terms which are relevant to the subject and your business
  • We will use the images you provide if needed and will optimise them for the web, including labelling with alt text to help Google find them in web searches
  • We will add relevant links within the blog post as necessary, to pages on your own website to encourage further exploration or to relevant associated information - this will often be linked to a call to action.


Focal Strategy are website designers based in Hythe, Hampshire - we are able to offer our blog writing service wherever you are based. 

If you don't currently have a blog on your website, and would like a website that does, or you want to find out more about websites, marketing and blogging why not give us a call on 02380 844982 or drop a line today?

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One to One Social Media and Online Marketing Training

Focal Strategy offer one to one training for businesses... 

We can set you up with, and show you how to use Facebook and other social media to promote your business.

We are able to discuss approved search engine optimisation techniques with you, and show you how to use a blog to fully develop your business online.

Learn at your own level and pace, in a quiet setting. 

We are based in Dibden Purlieu at the edge of the New Forest, near Hythe & Southampton, why not give Sue or Peter a call on 02380 844982 or get in touch

New website for cafe in Southampton

Focal Strategy are very pleased that Finiki Foods Cafe in Southampton have asked us to develop their new website. Owner Fiona, is keen to develop an active blog to market the business online, and link this to social networks such as Facebook where they have grown a good following.

The site will include cartoons by Simon of Ceratopia :O)


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