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Recommendation for our Blog writing service

Focal Strategy deliver an integral blog on all of our websites, this extremely powerful tool enables you to promote your business online and in social networks.

Each blog post effectively adds a new page to your website, which is indexed in the search engines such as Google within minutes. By writing new blog entries, you will also be adding fresh, interesting content and keyword search terms to your website, in a search engine friendly way - all of which seriously helps with search engine optimisation (SEO).  

Used correctly and regularly your blog can help your business get found by customers looking for your particular services and products in your particular field or area. Focal Strategy offer a professional blog writing service to all of our customers, and many of them use us every month. Recently we received this great feedback from one of our newer website customers:

"With your valuable assistance on the great blogs that you do I have just completed my eighth project since May and every customer has commented on the great website. I have had invites to join business networking groups which I have politely declined.  My goal is to attract the sort of customers that I feel comfortable with -  so far I am achieving this without too much trouble. Thanks Sue"

If you are looking for help with promoting and marketing your business online, why not get in touch with Sue on 02380 844982 today? 

Visit one of the many wide ranging blogs we write by clicking here


Posted in SEO by Sue on 17/09/2013

How to Write a Great Blog Post

Writing a blog can really help your business get noticed online. A well written blog post is more likely to bring good quality visitors and customers to your website who are looking for the products and services you offer, making blog writing a fabulous 'white hat' search engine optimisation* (SEO) tool.

So what is the anatomy of a great blog post?

1. A snappy title

Ideally the title should draw the reader in by having clues to the blog entry's content. If feeding your blog into Twitter or Facebook a clear, short, succinct title is more likely to get your followers and likers to click and visit your website to read your post.

2. Mention your Business by Name

Always mention your business name (and where you are based if applicable) within your blog entry, either weave it into the text or add it in a call to action at the end e.g "Why not give Focal Strategy a call to discuss blog writing on 02380 844982?" This links your business with the keywords you are mentioning, and also makes clear 'who' you are and what 'you' offer.

3. Be Interesting, Useful and Friendly

People like easy to read interesting stuff which is relevant to them. Be clear, be friendly be useful! Make it easy for your reader to use your services by adding a link to the text e.g Why not visit some of our most recent website projects which include active blogs? Notice the link is attached to the relevant text.

4. Add an image!

People just love photos!  Adding an image draws attention to the information you are putting over, bringing a blog post to life. An entry with an image is more likely to be read, pinned onto Pinterest or shared on Facebook, thus sharing you, your information and your business still further:

What makes a Good blog post Great? on Focal Strategy website design

Recap so far....The above blog entry from the yay retro! website has a clear title which includes a search term by which lots of people find the yay retro! site 'vintage picnic sets'. An appealing image is included with a clear website address on it - if the image is pinned or shared onto social media sites - people will know where to go to find these products. The text includes active links to the products so that readers are encouraged to explore the website further, easily find out more and buy the items discussed. The blog entry also mentions the likely customer base who would want these items - 'vintage & picnic lovers, camper van owners and those looking for Gaydon Melamine'.

5. So...include the likely search terms your potential customer will search for

Don't be vague....If you are a plumber fitting a certain type of gas boiler or sprocket, mention it.  If you offer services for gardening, use all the words you can think of relating to horticulture alongside your particular offering, over the course of a range of blog entries. Whether you are selling a specialist service or an 'every day' one, people can find you more easily if you specifically mention the keywords relating to your business or service on your website.

6. Add Alt Text to Images

When adding an image always label them with alternative text. By describing your image and what it shows you help visually impaired readers since the alternative text on the image is read out to them. You also optimise your website by adding keywords and search terms to your images, which helps search engines to locate your website. The ideal alt text is short, to the point, labels the photo with a keyword and mentions your business name (and where you are based if applicable):

Why alternative text is important an article by focal strategy website design ltd

7. Add a call to action and/or a link into relevant pages of your website

Help people to find out more about your business, product or service by adding useful links to the text in your blog entry. For instance, add a link to a product description, taking the reader directly to the page where they can buy it. Add a link to a relevant page on your website for them to read more about the subject you are discussing, or simply add a link to a call to action -  you can find out more about our expert website design here or contact Focal Strategy to discuss your ideas now.

8. Network!

Networking online is just as important as in the 'real world'. By writing interesting and useful blog articles about other people working in your field, you can network with them online. Adding a link to their business website is useful for your website visitor, very much appreciated by the other business and most importantly is good for search engine optimisation if they were to do likewise and link back to your website (a reciprocal link).

Links into your website from other related businesses is a signal to search engines that your website is useful and worth returning in search results. The more links 'in' you have the higher your domain authority. A blog is a great place to include useful links:

Adding useful links to your blog entry helps you to network with other businesses online

A Final Recap...the above blog post has a clear title, in this case linking our business name with the activity. The blog post is interesting, useful and friendly in tone. It includes keywords and search terms that Focal Strategy would like to be found for. We have networked by including live links in the text to the businesses we worked with on the project, and it includes an image which had a link to the business we worked with, and the actual project involved making it easy for the reader to find out more. (Right now the link on the image takes you to the blog post on our website so that you can see it in action.) The post also has several calls to action - 'click on the image to watch the movie' and 'why not give Peter or Sue a call on 02380 844982 or email '

Regular entries to an integral blog on your website gives many more doorways into your website, and ensures that search engines such as Google see that your site is dynamic, relevant and useful. If you would like an active, integral blog on your website why not contact Focal Strategy on 02380 844982, or drop us a line on . We also run 1:1 blog writing and social media training courses.

*White Hat SEO techniques are those which are approved by Search Engines such as Google

Posted in SEO by Sue on 08/01/2013

New website for Charter Health and Safety based in South of England

Focal Strategy are very proud to have launched a new website for Charter Health & Safety Solutions based in London, Salisbury and Southampton.

Our brief was to completely redesign and rebrand their business online, creating a website that reflected their capabilities and customer base  - Construction & Property Developers, Landlords, Building Owners & Facilities Managers, Businesses, Offices, & Corporate Clients,  Industry & Hospitality sectors.

The website includes the latest version of our content management system (CMS) which enables website owners to edit all aspects of the website themselves, using a smart admin interface designed by us in house.

Our new CMS includes a search engine optimisation (SEO) console that enables the website owner to change important metadata such as page titles & page descriptions, ensuring that keywords and phrases are available to Google.

The SEO console also shows analytical information such as website page views / visits, keyword search terms used to find the website, referring sites, most popular content etc, all without the use of cookies.

Charter are keen to use their blog to actively market their business online, and will be using our blog writing service.

New website design for Charter Health & Safety Solutions, South of England by Focal Strategy Ltd

If you are looking to rebrand, market your business online or want more control over your web content, why not get in touch with Focal Strategy Ltd?

We are based in Hythe, near Southampton, Hampshire and can work with you wherever you are based. Call Peter or Sue on 02380 844982 or email us 

Posted in SEO by Sue on 05/12/2012

Local Shop finds Blogging wins them new business!

Focal Strategy Website Design are always very pleased to get feedback from our customers, we've just received an email from Stephensons Photo Electric in Hythe who commented on their brand new website's performance:

"The Stephoto web and blogs are working very well and we've had a few new customers who looked us up on the website and then came in to the shop. Rob"

When we design a website, we not only pay close attention to how the website looks visually. Our bespoke website coding also ensures that our sites get found online, since we use on page search engine optimisation. One feature of this is our cleverly integrated blogs, where new entries written on the blogs on our websites are actively sent to Google and other search engines for indexing as a new page with minutes of them being written. 

This gives each website built by us a larger web presence, since each blog entry is indexed as a new webpage in the Google index.

Where an ordinary website might only show up in Google etc as having say 5 pages, a business website built by us who regularly use their blog may well end up having many 100s or even 1000s of webpages indexed with the Google search engine listings - this gives many more chances of a website being found, with more doorways or access points into the website.

Interested? Why not get in touch with us and find out more 07946 427553 / 02380 844982 /

Posted in SEO by Sue on 08/09/2012

Another great blogging success story!

Here at Focal Strategy we often write about how writing on a blog incorporated into your website can get your business noticed online.

Well here goes with another blogging success story...Buchanans Jewellers of Lymington, whose website we launched last year, now consistenty use their blog to share news about the products and services they offer. Yesterday we ran a couple of random incognito searches on Google, and Buchanans is coming up on page 1 for all of the following search terms, which are important for their business:

  • Engagement ring Lymington
  • Kokkino Jewellery Hampshire
  • Nanni Jewellery Hampshire
  • Wedding ring Lymington
  • Wedding ring New Forest
  • Diamonds Lymington
  • Jewellery valuation Lymington
  • Earrings Lymington
  • Bespoke Jewellery Design Lymington
  • Skagen Watches Hampshire


...and best of all since they only posted a blog about it yesterday afternoon, Buchanans were number 1 on page 1 of Google for 'Christening Gift Lymington' yesterday, within just 2 hours of them posting this item on their blog:

search engine optimisation using a blog by focal strategy website design, hampshire

Our websites are designed to alert Google each time an entry is posted to the blog, ensuring the new website information is indexed very quickly to assist with search engine optimisation (SEO). Interested in harnessing the power of a blog for your business? Why not give Sue or Peter a call on 02380 844982 / 07946 427553 or contact us here.

If you have a blog and are not sure how best to use it, or would like us to write entries on your behalf drop an email to

Posted in SEO by Sue on 21/06/2012

Get noticed write on your blog!

Get the most out of your blog - it's free, it's fun and you never know, you might be surprised at the interest it generates!

No Time? Not sure what to write? Need a few hints and tips? Ask about out great value blog writing service!

Wow!  Not got a blog?! Get in touch with Peter for a new website or a website revamp ;o)

Posted in SEO by Sue on 01/06/2012

Should you pay to get your website found on Google? 


Over the past few months we have talked to several small to medium sized businesses who are paying out a lot of money per month to SEO companies, and are very concerned whether they are doing the right thing...
Let's hear what Matt Cutts - one of the top guys at Google has to say...
" of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to pay Google...or pay someone else who will pay Google...the fact is that Google crawls all these websites for don't have to pay Google a cent...another interesting misconception, some people think that if you somehow buy advertising on Google you automatically rank higher and do better in the search results - nothing could be further from the truth...we call them our editorial search results because we don't want them to be affected by doesn't matter if you buy advertising or don't buy advertising, we are going to rank you the same either way..."
Here at Focal Strategy Website Design, all of our websites are structured and coded with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind.
We make sure that the webpage titles and descriptions reflect your chosen market and advise on page content and effective use of blogs. We are aware of the latest tools employed by Google search, and by using webmaster tools and expert coding make sure all our sites are presented to Google (and other search engines) in the most efficient way. We concentrate on effective 'on page' SEO and can provide advice for additional marketing strategies and tools if required. If your website is developed and used correctly then you shouldn't need to pay for SEO.
Why not get in touch with Focal Strategy today? We are based in Hythe, near Southampton, Hampshire and can work with you wherever you are based. 02380 844982 
Focal Strategy, website design, seo, matt cutts, pay for google ads, pay for seo, small business, on page seo, white hat seo,

Posted in SEO by Sue on 28/02/2012

Search Engine Optimisation

Here at Focal Strategy we use On Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure your website is found effectively in all search engines.

Need a great website or a website revamp?

Why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements...07946 427553  /

Posted in SEO by Sue on 26/05/2011

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