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Online Project and Document Management Tool

Recently Focal Strategy have been involved in designing many online business apps. One of these is for Ecofeel, a company providing EPC energy assessment reports to a range of customers including estate agents. The website is a project and document management tool which enables Ecofeel and their clients to share, update, manage and log information. The simple secure login page is styled to match the Ecofeel branding:
online business web app design Southampton, Focal Strategy
After logging in, the estate agent can see the surveys they have asked Ecofeel to complete.They can also create a new job, which includes a postcode lookup to ensure the address given is accurate, (these details have been greyed out below for the purposes of privacy). A Google map provides further clarifcation of the property's location, and additional details can be added to assist Ecofeel to complete their report.
project management online system designed by Focal Strategy Southampton, Hampshire
Ecofeel are able to book the jobs onto the system, and the estate agent receives an automatic email to notify them of the date the report will be carried out.  This is also visible under the job description on the website.
Upon completion of the EPC report, Ecofeel can upload all the documention in pdf format to the website, where it can be stored, accessed and downloaded by the client.  A copy is also automatically emailed to the relevant estate agent dealing with the report. 
The benefit to having an online project and document management tool like this is that job information can be quickly communicated to Ecofeel in a logical consistent and formatted way. This saves on emails and phone calls to clarify details which could have previously been overlooked. It also enables Ecofeel to better plan their time. The website acts as centralised storage for all of the EPC reports, which are therefore always on hand when required by any of Ecofeel's customers.
By using the business app, the core of Ecofeel's customer communications can now be easily managed via the website, a cost and time saving solution for all involved, especially as the site can also be used on all mobile devices too.
If you are looking for online business solutions, do get in touch with us. Focal Strategy (based nr Southampton, Hampshire) are able to develop one off tools to meet your most exacting business requirements. Call 02380 844982 or email  

Posted in Design by Sue on 21/11/2013

Does your website work on the iPad or iPhone? Will it work on mobile devices in the future?

With over 65 million current users of the iPad, and millions more set to invest in one, plus a whole heap of people using an iPhone to surf the web,  it's always worth checking that the whole of your website works on the iPad or iPhone.

If your website has been designed using Adobe Flash a blank page is presented to iPad or iPhone users, since Apple products do not support Flash. Going forwards, this will be come more of an issue, since the new generation Android phones and tablet computers will not support Flash based websites either. This means that many more people using a mobile device will not be able to see websites that have been designed using Flash.

The good news is that similar animations can be achieved without using Flash, and Focal Strategy have consistently designed all of our websites without Flash to ensure they work on all mobile devices.

Here is an example of a blank Flash-based website shown on the iPad:

iPad, iPhone, blank screen website

Here is a website with are a series of animations which work on the iPad and iPhone, because we designed it without the use of Flash - watch the bee fly down the page, and the business cards move when you click on them:

focal strategy design animated websites without the use of flash to make sure they work on iPads and iPhones

Do get in touch if you would like to redesign your website to work on all mobile devices, or 02380 844982 / 07946 427553

Posted in Design by Sue on 29/06/2012

B&B and Hotels Save Money - Have your own Online Booking System

Do you run a Bed & Breakfast or Hotel? Did you know there's no need to pay commission to someone else on every booking you take...You can save money by having your own online booking system on your website.  

Focal Strategy have developed an easy to use online booking system for B&B's and small hotels. Recently we launched one for The Post House Bed & Breakfast in Somerset. Our bespoke online booking system enables customers to select different rooms by date, and then book and pay directly with the owner online. Payments are taken securely by Google Checkout.

We have developed the booking system to automatically include the discounts and special offers this particular B&B offer, such as 3 nights for 2, or 10% off when staying for 4 or more nights, or for booking out all of the rooms together. It also knows there is a minimum 2 night stay at weekends.

The great thing is the B&B owner can easily make adjustments in her offering, whether it be pricing, altering discounts, changing when discounts apply or altering the minimum stay policy whenever and as often as she likes. We have designed a really simple to use admin interface (the backend of which uses Google Calendars,) which gives her complete flexibility in managing her bookings.

If you are interested in finding out more about our  cost effective online booking solution, why not give us a call? 02380 844982 /07946 427553 or get in touch

Online Booking System for bed and breakfast or hotel, no commission to pay

There's no need to pay commission to someone else.

Ask Focal Strategy to design an online booking system for your B&B or hotel, it's easy to use and very cost effective!

Posted in Design by Sue on 14/06/2012

New website for The Bathroom and Kitchen Academy

Focal Strategy have just launched a brand new website for The Bathroom and Kitchen Academy in Dibden Purlieu!

Our brief was to create a website which fully reflected the wide range of high quality kitchens and bathrooms in their large showroom.

Our first task was to spend the day photographing the many product displays and room settings that Mark and the team have on site. We then designed a website to suit their company colours and existing logo.

Features include a stylish, simple to use gallery allowing customers to view shots of the showroom displays as large clear pictures, whilst sliding images on the welcome page and brand names scrolling across the bathroom and kitchens pages add visual interest.

The site includes our bespoke content management system, so that The Bathroom and Kitchen Academy are able to make changes to their website content, check on their website's performance using Google Analytics, check their email and add entries to their blog which feeds into social networks and supports their on and offline marketing campaigns.

Visit The Bathroom and Kitchen Academy

Bathroom and kitchen academy, dibden purlieu, website design, focal strategy, hythe, southampton, hampshire, professional photography

Bathroom and kitchen academy, dibden purlieu, website design, focal strategy, hythe, southampton, hampshire, professional photography

Posted in Design by Sue on 01/02/2012

Bespoke Website Design by Focal Strategy

From a basic web presence in the form of a simple site allowing people to find you online and get in contact, to a fully functional revenue generating website - Focal Strategy are happy to work on projects large and small.

All of our websites are one off bespoke designs, individually created to fully meet your business requirements.

We understand search engine optimisation (SEO), and how to design, develop and launch a website that will work for your business online using the best, and most up to date on page SEO practices.

We have designed an easy to use content management system, so that once your new website is online you will have the tools and user interfaces to manage your web content.

We can also set you up with some excellent tools developed by Google. These include web-based email accounts, calendars, online document management and analytical tools for you to measure the performance of your website.

If you would like to have a chat about your website, are looking for a revamp or brand new site give us a call on 02380 844982 or 07946 427553 or drop Sue and Pete an email on

Find out more here

Posted in Design by Sue on 31/01/2012

Focal Strategy Website Design - our core skills and what we do...

Focal Strategy Ltd are a friendly, helpful UK based company.

Our core skills include sales and marketing experience, visual design, professional photography plus elegant up to the minute coding and programming expertise.

We create websites for large and small businesses with innovative designs, visual impact and bespoke levels of functionality.

As well as your website's visual appearance, we'll help you sort the design, function and the mechanics (domain name registration, web hosting) - removing the mystique and providing ongoing support. We can also assist with logo design and copywriting.

We'll work with you to get a good understanding of your business or organisation and your products or services so that we can design and build a web presence to fully meet your branding, marketing and communication objectives.

Why not take a look at our recent projects and get in touch today?

Call Peter or Sue on 02380 844982 / 07946 427553

We are situated in Dibden/Hythe, near Southampton.

Posted in Design by Sue on 24/01/2012

Website for Buchanans Jewellers 

Focal Strategy are really pleased to launch a new website for Buchanans Jewellers of Lymington, Hampshire.

The guys at Buchanans asked us to incorporate their signature logo and colour scheme into a chic, crisp and classy website design.

Their new website includes easy to navigate pages for all of the jewellery brands they supply, and Buchanans plan to include an online shop during the next stage of the project.

Steve is looking forwards to using the blog to keep people up to date with all their news. This will support their existing marketing campaigns, and feed directly into their business Twitter and Facebook pages, where they are already developing a good following.

Just for a bit of fun, the 'who we are' page has a counter which calculates how many days Steve has been working in the Jewellery business ;o)

Focal Strategy, website design, jewellery website, buchanans, lymington, hampshire, new forest

Focal strategy, website design, development, southampton, hythe, dibden, shop, website

Posted in Design by Sue on 19/01/2012

Visit our updated Projects Page  

We have just updated our projects page to include some of our most recent website designs.

From simple to complex sites with strong, clean visuals and easy navigation, all of our website designs are elegantly programmed with efficient coding, using Google friendly search engine optimisation techniques.

Take a look at our projects page now

If you are looking for a new website that works hard for your business, why not get in touch with Sue or Pete on 02380 844982 or

Posted in Design by Sue on 16/01/2012

Commercial Photography for Local Garage

Yesterday Focal Strategy were kept busy taking pro photos for Reuben of Shawfix Garage in Dibden Purlieu.

The shots will be used on the garage's new website which we are currently designing.

The weather was great, with winter sunshine and moody skies, which will tie in perfectly with the website colour scheme of white, blues and greys :O)

Focal Strategy, Website Design, Commercial Photography, Dibden Purlieu, Hythe, hampshire, Southampton, Shawfix Autos Grage, Whinfield Road, Dibden Purlieu, Jennings garage

Posted in Design by Sue on 12/01/2012

New website for Badgers Holt, Hythe

Focal Strategy are very pleased to launch a new website for Badgers Holt Residential Home of Hythe, Hampshire.

Our brief from Badgers Holt was to design a website which looked 'sharp', we had free rein on the colours and design, providing we included a badger! We chose a variety of warm greens as this ties in with the home's location at the edge of the New Forest, and also the fresh interior decor.

Bold, clear text ensures it is easy to read, and as with all of our websites, the site has been created to ensure visually impaired people using screen readers can hear all the information on each webpage, and receive descriptions of the images. You can find out more about website accessibility in our blog article here.

The  website includes a range of photographs, some taken from their old website, combined with updated professionally taken images by Focal Strategy. We have also included links to the homes CQC report, and included testimonials in full, along with snippets in the footer.

Badgers Holt Care home website, focal strategy, website design, hythe, hampshire, southampton, dibden,

Posted in Design by Sue on 09/01/2012

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