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New online shop for Packaging Supplies 

Focal Strategy have just designed and launched a bespoke online shop for Packaging Supplies, based in Oxfordshire. The shop has over 400 products in different categories, with each product having a range of dimensions, pack sizes and price breaks. Although primarily working business to business, the challenge was to design the shop to be easy to use and consumer friendly, so that any visitor can easily find, understand and buy the product they need from the wide array of possibilities. 

Bespoke online shop designed by Focal Strategy with secure online payment system

We have designed the shopping basket  to be integrated within the actual shop, so that when items are added, the basket is dynamically generated 'on page'. This means that the customer does not need to leave the shop to check their basket or spend. As the basket is updated with products and quantities, it alters within the 'shop view', making shopping easier and clearer:

Checkout viewed on page in bespoke online shop designed by focal strategy in hampshire

We have integrated a secure payment system using stripe; the website has a secure SSL certificate which ensures any sensitive information (such as card details) is encrypted before being transmitted. This gives customers confidence to buy, and also a convenient way to pay. Customers receive an automated email on order placement, and they are able to track their order on the website using a unique order code.

Behind the scenes Packaging Supplies have a range of web tools to enable easy upload of new products to their shop, as well as updating existing products. Additionally, we have included a bespoke order management system which monitors the status of the orders received, and the actions required to fulfill them. 

If you are looking for a bespoke online shop to meet your particular business requirements, do get in touch with Focal Strategy Ltd. We are located in Hampshire, and can work with you wherever you are based. Call 02380 844982 or drop us a line

Visit our recent projects page, to get an idea of what we can offer your business.

You can visit Packaging Supplies by clicking here


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