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Online Project and Document Management Tool

Recently Focal Strategy have been involved in designing many online business apps. One of these is for Ecofeel, a company providing EPC energy assessment reports to a range of customers including estate agents. The website is a project and document management tool which enables Ecofeel and their clients to share, update, manage and log information. The simple secure login page is styled to match the Ecofeel branding:
online business web app design Southampton, Focal Strategy
After logging in, the estate agent can see the surveys they have asked Ecofeel to complete.They can also create a new job, which includes a postcode lookup to ensure the address given is accurate, (these details have been greyed out below for the purposes of privacy). A Google map provides further clarifcation of the property's location, and additional details can be added to assist Ecofeel to complete their report.
project management online system designed by Focal Strategy Southampton, Hampshire
Ecofeel are able to book the jobs onto the system, and the estate agent receives an automatic email to notify them of the date the report will be carried out.  This is also visible under the job description on the website.
Upon completion of the EPC report, Ecofeel can upload all the documention in pdf format to the website, where it can be stored, accessed and downloaded by the client.  A copy is also automatically emailed to the relevant estate agent dealing with the report. 
The benefit to having an online project and document management tool like this is that job information can be quickly communicated to Ecofeel in a logical consistent and formatted way. This saves on emails and phone calls to clarify details which could have previously been overlooked. It also enables Ecofeel to better plan their time. The website acts as centralised storage for all of the EPC reports, which are therefore always on hand when required by any of Ecofeel's customers.
By using the business app, the core of Ecofeel's customer communications can now be easily managed via the website, a cost and time saving solution for all involved, especially as the site can also be used on all mobile devices too.
If you are looking for online business solutions, do get in touch with us. Focal Strategy (based nr Southampton, Hampshire) are able to develop one off tools to meet your most exacting business requirements. Call 02380 844982 or email  
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