Expertly designed

Your website will be user, browser and device friendly. We ensure your key messages are communicated efficiently and that visitors can easily navigate and make full use of your site.

Efficient web designs are key to ensure your website looks as good on a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry as it does on a large widescreen monitor. You want all the functions, animations and media to work whatever your visitor is using to look at your site. We now offer responsive website designs that automatically change how they look depending on the screen or monitor size.

Our designs have lots going on behind the scenes to make sure that, whatever computer or mobile device is being used, your visitors can always interact fully with your website. For example all our websites are designed to function using any of the popular web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera).

We create animations, effects and galleries without using Adobe Flash. Your website will be fast loading, user-friendly and device-friendly.

Fast to load

By carefully writing the code that makes your website work, we are able to ensure that your site loads as quickly as possible. By leveraging browser caching effectively we ensure that your customers aren't forced to redownload the same content repeatedly meaning that your web site feels quick and responsive.

Modern techniques

Your website will use the latest techniques to ensure that it loads quickly and works smoothly. We ensure that our sites degrade gracefully in older web browsers so that customers who are using older computers are still able to access the information on your web site.

Our sites detect what capabilities the browser they are using has to ensure their experience is as streamlined and fast as possible.

As an example, the sliding section on our front page uses CSS3 transitions if the user has a modern browser, then falls back to a slower less efficient animation on older browsers. If the user doesn't have Javascript then there is no animation, the content just changes straight away. In this way all users get the best experience possible.

Search Engine Optimisation - we optimise our designs, content and web structure to help the search engines to find you. We do not make wild promises guaranteeing you number one positions for all web searches but we will make sure your site has the features, appropriate content and structure to help Google (and all the other search engines) find you!