Bespoke Business Web Apps

We Design & Deliver Bespoke Web Based Software

We’re a web development company - developing, delivering and supporting powerful, customised online software and tools for our customers. We build long term relationships with our clients. We take time to understand their business aims and processes, enabling us to become virtual members of their teams - working together to improve the organisation's efficiency & reducing costs and waste. 

Examples of Our Work

Recent examples include:

  • an award winning vehicle dealership management system (DMS) with a superb suite of web-based tools, extended intranet plus the front end website built for one of the UK’s fast growing used car dealerships
  • web based apps for one of the world’s top engineering design companies which manages health & safety risks across multiple, international sites with 20,000 users using many languages
  • prospect management, integrated CRM, online quotation tool & lifecycle contract management suite for a leading UK company in the supply of office phone and telecom systems.

As well as our flagship projects in Car Dealerships, Construction Industry and Telecoms, we have many other examples of web based software built to meet our clients’ requirements ranging from bespoke online shops, customer portals with 10K+ items with online ordering function, school library book tracking and asset management, reporting and sharing tools for estate agents, online finance and mortgage calculators, to an online bespoke image library with 30k+ images.

Powerful Tools - Simple or Complete, Integrated Suites

Some of our tools are simple, quick and easy to implement - designed to do one thing extremely well and others form modules in an overall business suite, such as our used car Dealer Management Systems (DMS).

We've built secure tools that are being used by some of the largest global corporations with 80k employees incorporating controlled access and a range of privileges and functions

Real Time Data: Intelligence

By dynamically capturing data from many sources (both internally from business systems, email clients or data entry and from external sources via APIs), we can turn data into useful, real time business intelligence both for monitoring and for directing flows, processes and responses. We design, deliver & support a wide range of powerful online tools to help businesses improve processes, track assets, optimise communications & make connections.

Any Industry Sector or Organisation

Our approach and the use of industry standard coding tools and databases has enabled us to rapidly build online tools and software specifically tailored to individual processes across a wide range of industry sectors.

Any Device, Anywhere

Our software and tools are all web based, have secure and controlled access and use responsive designs - this means they can be accessed anytime, anywhere, using any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone).

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